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We are THE Home Loan Modification Experts!

TXLoanMods is comprised of veteran Texas mortgage company executives with combined experience of over 50 years. Keeping your home is our top priority, and we understand the frustration of trying to work with your mortgage lender. Our goal is to take the stress away while obtaining the best results for you. Our interactive client management software keeps you in the loop during the whole loan modification process. No need to come into our offices, we have designed our proprietary system to work with you virtually, which saves you time and money. We have more than a 98% success rate on obtaining approved home loan modifications.

The reason for our success?

We pre-qualify you before we accept you as a client. No credit check is required for a Texas home loan modification. As long you meet the requirements to be a candidate for an approved home loan modification, you are almost guaranteed to get approved.

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